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The Art Shop is a new series highlighting the community of emerging artists represented at
The Untamed Square, a Female Online Art Collective as well as independent female artists that we love!

Welcome Amanda Toppe to The Art Shop!
When I told you that the state of North Carolina is brimming with artistic talent, I wasn’t exaggerating. Amanda, her husband, their two boys and and their Labradoodle call Apex, NC home.
She considers herself an “accidental artist”, when a hobby turned into a passion and she began selling her art throughout Raleigh and with The Untamed Square.

As I sat down to chat with Amanda about her passion for art, interiors and current favorite piece of work, I was reminded of the joyful personality that bubbles out of Amanda (and her work) – so grab a glass of sweet tea and let’s dive in.

Bee: “Let’s start with what inspires you, Amanda.
How do you translate inspiration into a painting the way you do?

Amanda: “I’ve always been into interior design. Even from a young age, I’d be moving around my parent’s furniture and décor. They used to fuss, but it eventually turned into them asking for my opinion. Now, they FaceTime me from Florida to get design help often. I love colorful textiles and beautiful color combinations. My own home is filled with a large collection of home design coffee table books. Most of the inspiration for my artwork comes from the beautiful colors I see in various interiors. I want my art to make people feel like they are one step closer to completing their space, or to use my art as inspiration for the rest of their room!”

Styled Art by Amanda Toppe

It’s all too common that those of us who used to rearrange our parents’ homes and our own bedrooms frequently, end up finding our calling in the interior spaces of home. I love hearing from other creatives who also had a childhood similar to mine, something about that makes me feel more “normal”…
whatever normal is!

Bee: “Let us in on your creative process, what intentionality do you bring to the easel?”

Amanda:  “I really don’t like limiting myself creatively. I have certain color paint and brushes that I love. When I begin a new piece I usually don’t know what it will turn into. For me that’s the fun of it. It’s like a big science experiment. Mixing colors, mixing mediums, and watching something new come to life. The only time I intentionally painted the same style was for my Innocence collection. I’ve been told that’s my signature style, but I really would rather be known for my beautiful color palettes.”

Bee: “Inside your own home, how would you describe your interior design style?”

Amanda: My home has touches of coastal and Grandmillennial. It’s soft pastels with a feminine vibe, much like my art. Think Serena & Lily meets Ballard Designs.

Bee: “I can absolutely envision that! I love the classic pieces that Ballard Designs offers and they also have a wonderful library of fun and fresh fabrics. As a designer I often source Ballard’s pieces with a customers’ own material (COM) application. It’s a great way to get a custom piece, easily!
So what would you say is your current favorite work of art that you’ve painted? And tell us the story behind it please!”

Amanda:I have so many favorites! It’s impossible to choose. ‘Mason’ from the Innocence collection is definitely at the top of the list. I named each piece in this collection after a special child in my life. This one was my favorite from the collection. I named it after my oldest son, Mason, who lights up every room he enters with his contagious smile. I knew when I finished this piece that I made something very special.
It seemed fitting to name it after Mason since it brought me so much joy!”

“Mason” – Amanda’s most special piece

Bee: “So tell us where our readers can find your work and follow along this amazing journey that you’re on.”

Amanda: “My newest work is available at The Untamed Square, but you can also see what’s available on my website. Join me over on Instagram for a fun behind the scenes look at my work and daily warm-ups that are listed for sale almost every day!”


Brittany “Bee” Zimmerman

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