The Art Shop: Georgette Monaghan

The Art Shop is a new series highlighting the community of emerging artists represented at
The Untamed Square, a Female Online Art Collective as well as independent female artists that we love!

Meet Georgette, another fabulous and inspiring painter from Eastern North Carolina.
I’m not sure what it is exactly about that state, but there sure are a ton of fabulous creatives there!
Known for her bold and impressive florals, Georgette aims to evoke joy in the heart of her collectors. When not in her studio, she can be found strolling their property gaining inspiration from the flowers and water around her, enjoying a run, some gym time, a good book or maybe just cozying up
with coffee and a good movie.

I sat down with Georgette to find out a little bit more behind her work, what brings inspiration and what her current favorite piece of work is.

When asked what inspires Georgette the most, she says ” I love fashion and design and most of my inspiration comes from the colors surrounding those things. I also enjoy an occasional landscape and inspiration for those always stems from my Eastern NC roots. Country roads, coastal vacations and lazy days on the lake.”

I absolutely love the image of a slow southern summer – resplendent in it’s salty air, warm hued sunsets and long days spent on blue sparkling water. The vibrancy of the colors that Georgette creates in her work are easily attached to the inspirational sources she draws from.

Georgette’s creative process fluctuates from day to day – as many creatives will say, we’re more in tune with how we’re feeling before we start creating. Some days you need a more abstract approach to diving into your creative genius zone. Mostly though, experimenting gets Georgette into that zone, ” I love experimenting with a variety of mediums and techniques but my go-to’s are inks and acrylics.
I resin everything!”

When it comes to a place to call home, you’ll find Georgette’s abode filled with an eclectic mix of modern and traditional pieces. As a designer who loves a good mix, I simply adore seeing Georgette’s works displayed in colorful and cheery homes, with homeowners who aren’t afraid to go all out in what makes them happy! If you look closely, you’ll see in some of her work Georgette uses Thibaut fabric, Laura Park Designs wallpaper and other homage elements to fabulous interior design industry names.
As for her favorite piece? Georgette couldn’t select just one, and we couldn’t either! Here she is with her favorites, a pair of florals and a soft but colorful abstract.

Georgette Monaghan & her favorite works

 You can find Georgette on Instagram as well as at The Untamed Square, a Military Spouse Owned business featuring over 30 emerging female artists and their works.

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