One Room Challenge – Fall 2023 – Week 8 Reveal

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We did it!!! One Room Challenge Reveal Week!! 

Here we are, a finished project in 8 weeks. (Definitely a first for my own home!) 

As with every design project, I couldn’t have done it without an amazing team that included my husband Mr Z, Milton & King wallpaper sponsor, Miss Shelby – our talented furniture restoration painter,  our Dads – Rog and Larry for working on custom frames while visiting us, the fabulously talented landscape artist Lindsey Kiniry, our seamstress Nancy, who makes anything possible and mails it cross country to me. Our embroiderer Reneé at Kennedi’s Closet, and trade businesses: Benjamin Moore, Universal Furniture, Thibaut, Ballard Designs, Wayfair Pro & Purple Mattress. Makeup by Rebecca Elton and Photography by Lauryn Halley (Moments of Moxie).

From the initial request which came from Mr. Z to add more color to our very bland bedroom – I dreamed, schemed, designed, revamped, sketched, selected & reselected, looked at far too many wallpaper and fabric memos, mixed custom paints and had a very public deadline in which to make this design challenge happen. 

Mr. Z loves to tease me about my creative whims and the lack of focus to see a project from start to finish (usually one that I’ve started while he’s on deployment and not ending before his return 😂) so the One Room Challenge really kept me on track! 

As a Navy spouse, our home can change every two to three years, from a rental 3200 miles from home or in our own home in Jacksonville, Florida, or any number of places. While living this unique lifestyle, I find it vitally important to make home wherever we are. This means finding creative solutions that may need to change every few years, putting forethought into what furnishings and accessories are worth investing in and can be used in any home – while others aren’t worth investing in until we retire in 8 short years. 

It’s a big reason why I’m a proponent for creating a cohesive home (both my own and for clients) because of the flexibility it encourages for moving furniture, drapes, pillows, rugs & accessories from room to room. Or home to home if you’re still in that transitional home stage of life. I’ve talked before about the versatility of antique furniture in the same manner, and encourage clients to think outside the box for how they use antique items. 

Overall, Mr. Z and I can walk into this room and just smile. The light & airy palette is a welcome respite from the (often) dreary weather here in Washington state, the colorful blues and greens are simultaneously relaxing & invigorating. The wall art and framed wallpaper lends a bit more of our personality into a rental home that we know we’ll be able to take with us to our next duty station. A place to unwind & forget the stressors of the day. 

 I’m grateful you’ve all been here as I created this Master Retreat and hope you’ll continue to follow along on our blog and social media as we continue to create interiors for others that speak to their souls. 


Brittany “Bee” Zimmerman 

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