The Art Shop: Jan Daniels

The Art Shop is a new series highlighting the community of emerging artists represented at
The Untamed Square, a Female Online Art Collective as well as independent female artists that we love!

Let’s welcome Jan Daniels to The Art Shop!

For those of you new to Bleu Bee and perhaps also to The Untamed Square, Jan Daniels and I connected via Instagram back in 2020 with a mutual love for art and design. This connection led to a collaboration aptly named “Design is Art + Art is Design” which followed our adventures in curating art for spaces I had designed specifically with Jan’s work in mind over six weeks. At the completion of our six-week collaboration, I had a call with Jan and her daughter-in-law Katy Daniels, where I was invited to be the Head Design Consultant with The Untamed Square, a female art collective offering a platform for emerging artists.

Now enough about me, let’s chat with Jan Daniels, known on Instagram as “Artist.Jan”!

When asked what inspires her, Jan says:
“I have a wistful affection for my childhood memories. As a very southern girl (especially my accent) I am sentimental and passionate about capturing simple memories. One of my favorite memories is my long narrow garden filled with the colorful snapdragons. So started my love for color. My flower garden now is Milkweed, Coneflower and other flowers for my Monarch Butterfly waystation. My initial artistic inspiration came from a fantastic art teacher at The Westminster Schools and my formal education includes a BFA from the University of Georgia.

Jan’s creative process begins with charcoal in hand and the direction of light.
“I create my composition with vine charcoal. I plan my direction of light. Then I generally start with blue or green, and I want to capture both vivid color and light. Overall, I strive for contrast and variety. Next, I apply layers and layers of color. Color on top of color, a bright bold Lilly Pulitzer inspired palette. While shaping these bold areas of color I create simple forms of the garden.”

Jan’s most recent painting adventure was sparked while given the pleasure to care for her 100 year old mother. “To make this time the best of times, I began to paint and share it with Mom.”
Her collection “I Love You Forever” is “a series in memory of our loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Who see their world in Abstract.”

As someone who owns several pieces of Jan’s work, I can attest to the contrast in her work. From vibrant florals and coastal scenes along the Southeast, to her more modern and monochromatic works inspired by her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, Jan’s talents run the (color) spectrum!

When asked where she sees her art being installed and enjoyed Jan says simply
Some of the pieces are destined for a little girls room. Others will simply grace a bookshelf. I would love to think my pieces can compliment different parts of a home. The florals could go in a kitchen, bathroom, stairwell, nook.” But no matter the placement, Jan says “I hope my work to inspires similar feelings in others, but even more, inspires them to create art and more happy times.”

Jan loves her own home to be a contemporary palette of black and white, with white walls inspiring her like gallery space “I love the contrast of white walls against black cabinetry, paired with modern lightings and original art cover the white walls. Gold as an accents.”  

If you’re a fan of more contemporary art that still has soul, Jan’s series “The Power of Pearls”, “Circle of Friends” or her most recent “Mini Series” is sure to delight the senses! One of my personal favorites (and my dear mother’s too) “Little Oysters” is now available in The Untamed Square’s Pop-Up Print Shop!

As with all of the amazing artists I’ve chatted with, it truly is difficult for them to select just one favorite work of art. Jan’s favorite for painting to relax are hydrangeas, while the more abstract “Oysters” are just plain fun to paint! You can follow along with Jan’s artistic journey on her Instagram and of course at The Untamed Square. And if you happen to be in Atlanta (GA) or New Smyrna Beach (FL), pop in to Wild Oats & Billy Goats to see Jan’s work in person!

And just in time for the holiday season, The Untamed Square has an amazing selection of giftable art, jewelry, candles, journals, ornaments, small works on paper and limited time prints from our artists original works in the “Holiday Highlights” shop!

Be sure to shop small this season (and the other eleven months of the year) and make an artist smile by supporting their dream, because trust me – they are painting their hearts out of sheer passion!


Brittany “Bee” Zimmerman

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