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The Art Shop is a new series highlighting the community of emerging artists represented at
The Untamed Square, a Female Online Art Collective.

Jeanne Player is one of our favorite artists out of North Carolina, where she recreates the world around her through acrylic paints with texture of the palette knife and brush. Found across the southeast, Jeanne’s collectors are always eager to collect a piece from her newest work.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication.  After many years of working in radio and real estate sales she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of painting. She has always had a passion for art and decided to dive head first into her art career after friends encouraged her to use the gift of painting God had given her. 

I sat down with Jeanne to dig a little deeper into what inspires her work, how she would describe her home, and what her favorite piece (currently) is!

Low Country

When asked what inspires Jeanne the most, she says
” I am inspired by the beauty of the world around me. I love to be outside, gardening and traveling to new places. A lot of what I paint comes from things I see and places I have visited.”

I can’t disagree, travel and nature (especially gardens) are some of my own favorite resources for spurring on creativity! Creatives have a unique way of getting inspired, starting our process and reinventing ourselves through art and design. Jeanne’s creative process begins with what she has seen in her travels, including landscapes, seascapes and florals.  “Then I figure out how to transfer those to my art. Sometimes I sketch out ideas when I am traveling to use later.  I also like to take lots of pictures that I can use as a reference at a later date…”

Blue Seaweed III

Jeanne loves all types of design styles but her traditional home is her most favorite! I love that Jeanne’s art is a mix of playful bold pieces (Blue Seaweed III) as well as more serene abstracts. As a designer, I find that Jeanne’s work would pair beautifully in homes that are in the vein of Fresh Traditional, Coastal and Transitional.

Much like a mother cannot pick her favorite child, Jeanne can’t simply put her finger on just one of her favorite pieces, but says her current favorite is “Low Country”, a gorgeous colorful depiction of the coastal marsh, not far from her home in North Carolina.

And just in time for fall decorating, Jeanne has launched the prettiest pumpkins in the patch! Perfect for our Grandmillennial gals who just can’t bear black and orange for fall, Jeanne’s pumpkins can be purchased through her website. Additionally, many of Jeanne’s pieces are available at The Untamed Square, a Military Spouse Owned business featuring over 30 emerging female artists.
Additionally, when you purchase a piece of art from The Untamed Square, you receive a complimentary art rendering with styling suggestions from yours truly.

Check back with us soon for our next stop into The Art Shop!


Brittany “Bee” Zimmerman

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