Nailing the Mix: Defining Your Personal Style

Part II:

In Part I of Nailing the Mix, we looked at the five main pieces to nailing the mix in your home decor like a pro. Today we’ll talk about piece number two more in depth: how to define your personal style while creating beautiful interior decorating throughout your home.

Looking around your home, whether in one room or the house as a whole, is there anything in there that (not literally) says “ME” all over it? I say this because in order to define your personal style, we have to start with the characteristics of items that one would associate with you. For instance, my mother is out shopping and sees a blue and white striped dress. Immediately, she thinks “Oh, that is Brittany!”. Ironically, my personal fashion style is often and commonly replicated through the interiors of my space at home. Perhaps, the best place to start is in your closet!

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Closet courtesy of Little Miss Party Planner

Do you tend to neutral tones? Do you tend to wear solids over prints? What about your accessories? Are they bold? Do you even have accessories, or are you perfectly content with your everyday jewelry and one solid purse?

By answering these seemingly off-topic questions, I’ll bet you find some answers in the other rooms of your home. Someone who prefers neutrals may steer clear of patterns, overly accessorized shelves and simple lighting that “just does the job.” And here’s the neat thing about defining your personal style: whatever is authentically you, should be represented throughout your home interiors. This has zero to do with on-trend decor (disposable decor as I lovingly call it.)

Can you mix those pieces in to your home? Absolutely. Is the trendy decor always going to speak to you? Probably not. And that’s why we love the idea of curating home interiors for our clients. Anyone can go out and purchase all of the latest pieces from Big Box Store and make “decor” happen, but the result will look more staged than lived-in. And we’re all about creating that lived-in vibe throughout your home!

Light + Bright Living Space by JS Home Design

Here’s Your Challenge:
1. Go to your closet + inventory the majority of colors or patterns there.
2. Go around your house + inventory the majority of colors, patterns or “That’s Me” items you find.
3. In a notebook, write down the commonalities between the two + voila, you will find your authentic style!

Check back with us for Part III: Repeating Colors + Textures in Your Spaces.
Until then, y’all stay cool because it sure is feeling like summer in July out there!


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