Nailing the Mix: The 80/20 Rule

When you wander (okay, are invited) into a home that just seems to bring a sense of peace to your senses, it may very well be because that person has nailed the “mix”. The elusive “mix” that people run to designers, decorators and DIY websites for, is the blending of a variety of styles, colors, and textures to create a visually appealing atmosphere.

Now, let’s start with where making the mix doesn’t happen.

  • Impulse buys
  • Overtly trendy decor pieces

Feeling guilty yet? Even as a designer, I have been guilty of those two actions. So let me guide you through a more cohesive process, and if it seems overwhelming, then that’s what Bleu Bee Designs is here for!

  • Strike an 80/20 balance in the space
  • Determine what your own style is
  • Repeat colors + textures in the space
  • Choose a focal point
  • Limit patterns and colors to a rule of 3

Choose your favorite style and go with 80% of the items in the room that mesh well with that style. This could be an organic feel, neutral palette, coastal vibe through paint and decor colors, and so on.

To create the 20% you should choose a style that you also like, but incorporate it in smaller amounts. For instance if you love modern style, you could bring in a focal point with one large modern art piece, and then allow your fabrics to lend themselves to a more modern print (think minimalistic, bold and solid colors).

The goal of the 80/20 rule is to keep your space from looking too flat, as if you just walked into a showroom and said “I’ll take the couch, coffee table, end tables, entertainment center, pillows, and lamps” and you never added your own style to it.

An antique dresser styled with minimalist accents + greenery

Check back with us next time to learn how to define your own style and ensure your home shines with the authenticity of those who dwell there! We will cover textiles, colors, focal points, and patterns in the coming days too.


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