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As we begin the summer season, I invite you to grab a glass of sweet tea and settle in for a behind-the-scenes interview with me, Brittany Nicole, the owner and creative visionary behind Bleu Bee Interiors. 

It isn’t always easy to introduce oneself, so grant me grace please! I am a 30-something creative with a passion for making the things in life beautiful and functional. Friends and family have always asked for “my eye” on decorating, color, finishes and so forth. It’s been a passion and talent for as long as I can remember.

While most children probably remember their favorite birthday gifts, memorable vacations, or favorite books, I remember distinct details about the items that surrounded my life. Whether it was the scent of the antique stores my momma would reluctantly take me through, the colors of the wallpaper in my first design project (my “preteen bedroom makeover”), a style of architecture from a vacation destination, or the smallest detail like the buttons on a gingham crop top I creatively wore backwards when I was eight, these details stand out among the actual things going on around me. It came as no surprise when my college degree landed me in event planning, where my talent for attention to detail (and aesthetics) became critical to my success in the industry. I spent eight years in event planning before the burn-out phase, in which I turned to teaching elementary education. It turns out, creativity runs rampant when you’re a teacher! My summer and winter breaks were the very times that I would get in a creative tailspin, from organizing events as a volunteer, to house project planning with family and friends, and eventually the launch of Bleu Bee Designs.

From here, the sky truly is the limit. I have various interests, decor styles, and ways of managing projects that I love to follow, but I can’t help to ensure that Bleu Bee stays true to who I am; a creative visionary with the passion for enhancing spaces into functional and beautiful places that continually bring joy to your life. I am a small-town girl with a family of entrepreneurial spirit that is following the path set before me. I will always remain committed to curating spaces sourced primarily from local businesses that continue to strengthen the communities we live in. Anyone can order a piece of mass-produced furnishing from a designer catalog, and I’m not opposed to doing so, but I believe our spaces should be curated to reflect who we truly are and filled with things we love, so I consider myself to be more of a curator + designer than just an interior decorator.

I hope that you’ll check back in with us often as I share my “Design Diary” style blog and fill your screens with beautiful and inspiring spaces. Our website is currently undergoing final edits and I’ll share that with you all very soon! If you haven’t found us on Instagram or Facebook yet, we’re @BleuBeeDesigns_ on the ‘gram and Bleu Bee Designs on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you in the comments, so leave me a “Hello!”



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