Creative Feature: Hali DiCaterino of Hali DiCaterino Interiors

Back in the spring of 2020 as I set out on my creative journey as an interior designer and decorator, I found such an amazing community of female entrepreneurs and other independent creatives through Instagram and my day-to-day life. That spring, I decided to highlight my current friends and new Instagram friends that were running their own businesses in a weekly feature simply called “Feature Friday.”
Fast-forward more than two years later and I’m bringing a permanent “Feature Friday” to the blog.

This series will highlight the amazing women in my community of creatives, whether we serve the same type of client, offer the same service but in a variety of aesthetics, or simply inspiring to me as a solopreneur for a variety of reasons. I stand behind these ladies’ work, know their hearts, and would recommend them in an instant to anyone I know!

This week’s Creative Feature is Hali DiCaterino, owner and designer at Hali DiCaterino Interiors, who says “being creative runs in my blood.” Having always had a passion for creating, she has always helped friends with their homes and enjoyed being asked for her decorating opinion. Hali and I connected via Instagram last year and have since bounced business ideas off of one another, ranging from e-design to candles! Having a business rooted in faith as I do, I love that Hali is reliant on God to guide her business and uses her talents to bless others. Let’s dive a bit deeper and get to know Hali!

Bee: “Without inspiration, where would we even be? Tell me, what inspires you to create and are there any places particularly inspiring to you?”

Hali: “Color, patterns, and textures are what inspire me. I could flip through samples all day and imagine how I would use them in a design. If I had to choose a place that is inspiring to me, I would choose the south as a whole. I love southern traditions and the timeless southern charm that it has to offer. I enjoy finding inspiration by riding around historical neighborhoods and admiring the old architectural details that those homes have.”

Bee: “I couldn’t agree with you more, and the natural elements of the south combined with our love for color and tradition, make creating a home for others a very natural extension of who they are! Also, I’m really glad I’m not the only designer with a fabric sample addiction! If I could niche down even further, I would do custom upholstery design only! So what is your creative process?”

Hali: “Whenever I sit down to start designing a space, I gather inspiration from some of my favorite designers such as, James Farmer and Katie Davis. I also find one pattern or color from a textile that inspires me. Once I have that, I can begin building the space around it.

Bee: “I love that, James Farmer is such a quintessential Southern designer and his books provide endless inspiration! I recently began incorporating brain warm-ups to start my day that include creating flat lays with fabrics, perusing design books or sketching. I love the inspiration stage too!
Can you share with our readers, what your favorite design style is and if you have a color palette you’re continually drawn to?”

Hali: “I love transitional traditional style and incorporating new and old. I have a slight obsession for anything blue and white. This stems from growing up with grandparents who loved to go antiquing and had the best collection. Warm whites, blues and greens would best describe my favorite color palettes and I usually incorporate those colors in most of my designs.”

Bee: “There should be a study done on the brains of those of us who grew up antiquing!! Ha ha, I remember spending many afternoons strolling the aisles with my momma and ‘Looking with my eyes, not my hands!’ Isn’t it incredible to see what influence our upbringing has on the way we create a home of our own? I just love hearing people’s history with interiors. So now tell us, what does the interior of your personal home look like? Is there one piece that you feel every room needs?”

Hali: “My own design style is also transitional traditional. Layering old and new pieces to create a space that feels lived in. I heard a saying that said, “If you buy what you love, then it will all work beautifully together.” I believe that. Every room needs pieces you love.

Bee: “I agree, it’s easy to decorate around items you find meaningful, beautiful, however they speak to you. And the beautiful thing about those of us who help clients find this delicate balance of what they love, mixed with design principles, is that we are able to see how they emotionally react to a new space they love! What inspired you to jump into interior design in the first place?

Hali: “Having always had a true passion for creating, and envisioning what a space could become, once I quit my job and started staying home with my two boys, I knew I needed to find a creative outlet for myself. I started working part time in a local home and gifts store and while working there, I had the idea to start a business as an interior designer.

Bee: “So many creatives that I’ve featured have found that a simple need for a creative outlet has led them to a business. I love hearing that people are following their inner desires to create. I believe that God put it in our hearts to create! Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with me, Hali! Before you go, let our readers know what cities you serve and where they can find you!

Hali: “I serve Douglas, Georgia and any surrounding cities. I also offer e-design! You can find me on Instagram @HaliDiCaterinoInteriors and online at .”

Thank you so much Hali for allowing us to feature you in our Creative Community! I look forward to continuing to be inspired and connect with you as we both grow as Interior Designers!


Brittany “Bee” Zimmerman

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