The Remodel: A Series

Exploring the steps and styles for a successful remodeling project.

With a shift in our economy, many homeowners who were previously looking to purchase a new home are now looking at their current home and attempting to see the potential already within their four walls.

As a designer, I’m here for it!

First things first you need a vision!

This could be utilizing Pinterest, home décor magazines or browsing websites of home remodeling pro’s work to get the creative wheels turning.

We love encouraging clients to “pin with abandon” and using swatches of paint, fabric, inspirational photos, wallpaper and more until you have a full messy vision board that makes you smile.

Once you’ve established the visually pleasing elements, review them with a secondary look in which you’ll decide which elements you want to use in each space that you’re planning to remodel. Sometimes it’s helpful to make separate boards for each room!

On your third look, jot down the various elements that drew you in and categorize them into the three pillars our design is built on: BEAUTIFUL // FUNCTIONAL // THOUGHTFUL.

Now What?

Having a plan is essential whether or not you’re working with a designer during your remodel. Your images and notes will convey to your contractor the overall feel and style you’re envisioning for your home. Next, it’s time to talk finances!

  1. Set a Realistic Budget – not sure what a realistic budget should be? There are a few options to help you establish what the going rate is for your type of remodeling home project; visit local showroom / design centers (kitchen and bath, tile & flooring, etc.), call reputable home remodeling pros and request they come out to give you an estimate, or get in touch with a designer and we’ll walk you through the process to create a budget based on three tiers of product quality and customization level.
  2. Hire a Reliable Contractor – reliable means you’re interviewing this individual or company and making an informed decision. We have a great free resource titled “Guide to Hiring Industry Professionals” that we’d be happy to send your way! Let us know in the comments or by requesting it here!
  3. Stay Organized – create a calendar specific to your home remodeling project with tasks to be completed and even set a target date if you’re someone who finds procrastination sneaking in! When we sign on new clients, they’re given a Welcome Folder which includes a list of tasks to be completed on their end in order of importance to keeping our project(s) running smoothly.

Check back with us in August for the next steps to your home remodel project!

And in the mean time, if you’re stuck on any part of this process please get in touch with us and we’d love to chat with you for a 20-minute complimentary design call to ensure you’re headed in the right direction!


Brittany “Bee” Zimmerman

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