The Untamed Square

Every once in a blue moon, when you try something new, it launches into a new and wonderful adventure. While the past few months have been full of plenty of uncertainty and fear, I have looked fear in the face and said “YES”.

Carefully curated art to brighten your home

Last week I told y’all about the creatives connection that Jan Daniels and I had throughout our Instagram “Art is Design + Design is Art” collaboration. From that collaboration, came an amazing opportunity to be part of a brand new online artist collective, “The Untamed Square.”

When Katy and Jan first mentioned it, I was not quite sure how I could really tie in design services with artists, and of course I know nothing technical about art, except that I appreciate it and find lots of inspiration from art. Being the creative team that they are, Jan and Katy went on to describe what the goal would be of their online collective. From their backgrounds in teaching art, and formal artistry, the mission of The Untamed Square is to give emerging artists an outlet to shine.

Over the next few weeks, we poured over countless artists, hand-selecting those who we felt display potential, already have some of their own clients, and most importantly, are home artists who deserve a collective to represent them.

“An artist cannot fail. It is a success to be an one.”

Being able to speak with these artists, reaching out to those whose works I have admired for a while, learning more about who they are and why they began a career full time in art, has been so rewarding for me. I am able to tailor fit the artists’ work to specific style of home interior clients, and will be the Head Design Consultant for The Untamed Square.

As you may know, the niche of Bleu Bee Designs is to connect small businesses owners with clients, primarily sourcing from locally owned or other small businesses. We understand what it means to be able to pursue our dreams and by sourcing primarily from other small businesses, we are able to keep the dreams of other’s alive as well. While you may be reading this outside of our immediate area in Northeast Florida, we offer digital design on three levels, and would love to guide you to The Untamed Square’s website to find art (in all forms!) for your home. Each piece that is purchased through The Untamed Square will come with a rendering utilizing your interior style. We’ll offer tips and tricks for framing, styling and even building an entire room around a piece of art. Whatever element of design you’re looking for, Bleu Bee is thrilled to offer our services within The Untamed Square.

Stay tuned for our official launch on September 13, and until then, you can follow The Untamed Square on Instagram, Facebook and bookmark their website!

We’ll be hosting a Live Facebook Watch Party and give you the opportunity to hear from our amazing Founding Artists, as well as meet Jan and Katy, the colorful brains behind the operation of The Untamed Square!



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