The Untamed Square

The Art Shop: Katy Daniels

If you had told me two years ago that in the midst of a crazy pandemic I would not only launch my business but also connect with an amazing art collective start-up, I would not have believed you for a moment!

Katy, her husband, and their two girls currently call Fernandina Beach, FL home. A textile artist who has been both educator and artist, founded The Untamed Square while the Air Force stationed their family in Guam.


While chatting, Caroline and I realized that we often both work with clients who are working with inherited family pieces or mementos, and they’re struggling with how to make it either work in their home, keep it because it’s valuable or holds dear memories, or simply can’t bear the thought of it not staying in the family – all while realizing not everything we inherit will be something we can keep.

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Creative Feature: Caroline Overstreet of Overstreet Organizing

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