Bleu Bee Designs specializes in interior design from the initial conceptual idea through completion, with attention to detail in also overseeing project management. We also offer design and project management with renovations in existing homes.

While working alongside our clients, we also work beautifully with architects and builders in what we like to call the “Golden Triangle”, each trade bringing a unique perspective to the overall result in our client’s homes.

Our personal style is not “what we do” but instead an overarching philosophy to take a thoughtful, beautiful and functional approach to every design, no matter the style, by ensuring we address each unique need of the families we work with.

From the initial concept, to blueprints and space planning, we are thoughtfully engaged in each step of the design process. Once construction begins, we coordinate with the builder to ensure seamless transitions, decisions and communication. We are an integral part in the overwhelming process of selecting finishes for new builds (as well as renovations) and coordinate such decisions with the builder.

Even before the framing goes up, we’ll be working alongside you to create the home you’ve been dreaming of. Working alongside Bleu Bee Designs Principal Designer, Brittany Zimmerman, takes any guesswork out of what furnishings will pair nicely in each room and how the rooms will be cohesively tied together as you curate each piece for your home.
With over a decade in trade and project management, Brittany is efficient, organized and makes the process less overwhelming and ultimately, more fun!

Whether you’re looking for a complete refresh of one room, or to upgrade and elevate your entire home, Bleu Bee Designs offers a range of interior decorating services to meet your needs. Brittany’s process begins with an interview into your lifestyle and personality in order to build a thoughtful, beautiful and functional space.

In our first few meetings, we’ll take measurements, gain an understanding of your preferred design style, and discuss how the space(s) in your home need to function tailored to your family.
From there, Brittany researches and curates design ideas based on your desires and adds our signature style of keeping your home thoughtful, beautiful and functional.

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