The Art Shop: Whitney Rahim

The Art Shop is a new series highlighting the community of emerging artists represented at
The Untamed Square, a Female Online Art Collective as well as independent female artists that we love!


Let’s welcome Whitney Rahim to The Art Shop! As one of the founding artists with The Untamed Square, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Whitney for the past two years, and lucky enough to own some of her beautiful works of art!
Whitney is a Texas-based artist residing in Houston with her husband and their three children. She is drawn to the movement, colors, and depth found in impressionist paintings. Unsure she possessed the talent for art school, Whitney chose to attend Baylor University to study Art History. She never forgot what self-doubt prevented her from pursuing and has been committed to believing in herself and her talents ever since.  

Grab a glass of sweet tea and get to know Whitney with me!

An array of Whitney’s works on paper

When asked what inspires Whitney the most, she says:
“I’m inspired by so many things. I love looking at the different colors of a landscape when I’m outside and filing them away in my brain. More recently though it be been pouring through art books on post impressionists and their take on landscapes. Matisse especially has lent some aspects to my most recent work.

Whitney’s creative process usually starts with a big cup of coffee and diving into a painting. “I like to not have a plan and see where the painting leads me. Especially in the beginning strokes. I cannot get enough of greens, blues, and peach pinks. Lately I’ve been loving some pops of yellow. The finishing touch of all my paintings is gold though. I love the unexpected shimmer it adds.”

Having a couple of Whitney’s pieces in my own home, I can attest to that finishing touch of gold. It really adds a bit of whimsy to her beautifully layered pieces!

Whitney loves to mix décor styles the same way she mixes on her palette. “My own style is a mix of a few things. I am a bit Grand Millennial, with a touch of coastal and a bit boho mixed in too. I’ve been adding block print textiles as much as I can recently. Every room in my house has a lot of art. I think that’s the finishing touch to a room that feels your own.”

As a designer, I would agree that the works Whitney creates are varied in color and style, acting as a chameleon in homes of many styles. My own home is a mix of Grand Millennial and a whimsical spin on traditional, and her canvas pieces are beautifully placed in hallways where they tie together the whole color story of our home.

When asked which piece of art is her personal favorite piece, it truly varies with whatever is currently on her easel.
“I have a few favorites and I always joke that my most recent painting is my current favorite. But the truth is this tulip field painting is my forever favorite. It was from my bright voyage collection in 2021 but I can’t bear to part with it. I’ll always have it in my collection. It most significantly marks a turning point in my work from abstract paintings to landscapes.”

Tulip Field – Whitney Rahim Art

As for where you can find Whitney’s work and follow along on her creative journey, she is very engaging on Instagram so give her a follow . “I love connecting with people on Instagram! It’s an amazing place to meet wonderful inspirational people. Feel free to direct message anytime!”
You can also find Whitney’s canvas art, shelf-sitters, paper works and jewelry collection available through The Untamed Square, a Military Spouse Owned business featuring over 30 female emerging artists.


Brittany “Bee” Zimmerman

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