End of Season Sales

Labor Day Sales. Columbus Day Sales. End of Summer Sales.

Lemons to Lovelys

Do you get where we are sale-ing to? While I could do a round-up of the best deals from various national retailers, you know our M.O. around here: Support small. First + most often.

Are you now wondering if small businesses even have end of season sales? Some do, but we’re sharing some of our favorite small businesses who offer their pieces at terrific prices yearound. And they may or may not be nationwide, but they are supporting someone’s dream and livelihood, and they may not be as “small” as you think.

Today we’re going to delve first into the trending items and categories usually found in Labor Day and End of Summer sales. Then I’ll share some awesome family-owned companies that you can expect to find great prices with as we roll into fall.

So what’s trending now that would be on sale? Think about those national retailers, they’re marking down grills, patio furniture, fire pits, camping gear and mattresses. And what have you seen plenty of this summer in social media and print catalogs? You named it – patio sets, fire pits, trendy standing umbrellas, and well, I can’t speak for grills because I leave that part up to Sweetie, but I’m sure there are some great ones out there! Haha!

Summer Trends We’re Loving

Better Homes & Garden

Since the world was put on its head back in March, we’ve noticed a lot of love for the “slow-living” movement. Now, this movement was already making its rounds in several places, but when Americans sheltered at home for long periods of time, we finally had time to watch the beauty of something grow. To take pride in it. Our homes became our sanctuaries and I truly think we’re better for it!

The first trend to top our chart is backyard gardening. This isn’t your granny’s gardening with a tacky foam kneeler pad and an old chippy ho! No way! This trend of backyard gardening includes creating lush oases in your outdoor spaces, finding unique plants to grow + keep alive, adding in touches of natural fibers like macrame + driftwood. Collections of planters and pots that are made of clay, wicker + concrete. You may be surprised to even see antique furniture outdoors!

Instagram is a great place to find handmade macrame

For a great way to curate your backyard garden, we suggest purchasing macrame hangings from small shoppes like on Instagram + Etsy. Personally, we love the work of Leslie @LotsOfKnots_fbeach + @KnottyByKasey. Both locals to NE Florida, they definitely get that boho / backyard oasis vibe!

The second trend seems like a no-brainer, and something that should have been around for a lot longer than it has – the daybed swing! Now, I know several Southerners who will argue they’ve had the front porch swing for decades, and while they wouldn’t be wrong there is definitely something about taking a classic + updating it! I present to you: the daybed swing.
Chris Cheatwood @RigidBuilt is a Southerner who knows just how to make a porch cozy. His daybeds have beautifully laser cut woodworking that you just wouldn’t find on Amazon. Just hop across the AL state line to Jackson , Mississippi to find Daydreamer Swing Beds, a husband + wife team who creates custom swing beds in Jackson’s Historic District.

So now that you’ve got a textured wall hanging and a cozy spot to end the day, we can’t overlook a vintage furniture style that is seeing a huge resurgence. And you know what, Granny may just have some pieces lying around! Rattan: the bent wood from beautiful jungles around the tropical parts of the world. It has invaded our patios and backyards and we couldn’t be happier! (Afterall, kudzu invades too but rattan is much less of a pain!)
Another reason to love rattan: it’s gentle on the environment. Since most pieces are grown naturally in abundance in Malaysia, Asia, + China, we aren’t deforesting at a rapid rate. Plus if you buy it vintage, you’re really recycling! Check out these Florida duos @BrittanyAndSondra on Chairish ( www.chairish.com/shop/brittanyandsondra ) or on Instagram. Their finds are always flying off the proverbial shelves, so stalk them often! Another gem is @PalmBeachThrifters – who are always scoring finds at thrift stores across Florida. Those of you living in South Florida have some fabulous treasures!

Last but certainly not least, we saved a bit of *drama* and flair for the final trend. You’ve seen them everywhere from The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, to the backyard of famed trendsetter @TeggyFrench in New Jersey, and even in Palm Springs, California. Any guesses? The iconic fringed (or tassled) umbrella! And of course, we have to suggest a lovely caftan to don while lounging under your much-too-fabulous umbrella!
Our favorite caftans are handmade in Mexico by artisans with delicate embroidery and sold in Dallas, Texas @Mi_Golondrina.
Now to the umbrellas…


People are DIYing tassels or fringe to ordinary umbrellas, bringing them up a notch! Sadly, we had such a difficult time finding any of these beauties made at small businesses, so we’ll default to Target for our favorite fancy sunshades!

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