Nailing the Mix: Focal Points

A focal point is the first place that gets attention when you enter a room. Today we’re going to guide you through the process of choosing a focal point, staying true to the purpose of the room, and how to enhance your focal points.

Choosing a Focal Point

Not only can you add art to a fireplace, you can add wallpaper for additional depth + texture

There are two types of focal points we’ll look at today: architectural and created.
Architectural focal points are those which are built in to a home’s interior. These could be angled or small walls, a fireplace, built-in bookshelves, windows, French doors, vaulted or high ceilings, and so on. Catch our drift? This is what you’re working with before you’ve had to create anything.
Created focal points are simply as they sound, created! These could be accent walls, artwork, backsplash, over sized or bold colored furnishings, gallery walls, and so on.

There are a few rules when it comes to focal points but the most important is to limit each room to one focal point only. This is a bit tricky when you have an open concept space like a dining – kitchen – living room combination that is so popular in today’s homes. To keep the focal point to a singular area, you must first choose where your eye lands in the room, and build-out from there.

Style Me Pretty used mid-century furnishings with an over-sized lantern above the table

Stay True to the Purpose of the Room

What is the purpose of the room you’re creating a focal point in?
Will you be entertaining? Playing games and creating? Relaxing as a family? Serving holiday meals?
Before you can enhance your focal point, it’s time to decide the purpose of the space.

A few questions to ask yourself are:
1) What storage will I need?
2) What kind of lighting will suit the space for the purpose?
3) What furniture will enhance or detract from the room(s)?
4) Are there limitations or activities that you need to consider based on the purpose of the room(s)?

Enhancing Your Focal Point

Making Joy & Pretty Things added texture + depth to an entry wall by adding architectural elements.

Once you’ve determined the focal point and purpose of your room, it’s time to decide how to enhance the architectural or created focal points.
Here you’ll want to start with a budget (not always fun but always necessary), consider the wear and tear on your furnishings and materials and perhaps consult with a decorator on creating a cohesive look.

Some options for enhancing your focal point are to create a gallery wall, add drapery, style up your built-in bookshelves, add a punch of texture and color through the use of pillows, upholstery and rugs, select a bold piece of lighting, complimentary or contrasting art piece or make an over-sized selection on any of the suggestions above.


Let us help! We offer affordable consultations for as much or as little assistance as you need. We understand that creating a cohesive and curated home can be daunting and we’re here to help you through the process while remaining within your parameters.


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